Top 10 Resident Evil Games!

Notice: The Top 10 Resident Evil Games List is rated by the quality of the game itself by means of story, gameplay.

1. Resident Evil 4 (PS3, PS2, PSN, Xbox360, XBL, PC, GameCube ,Wii )

Resident Evil 4 HD

By far one of the most enjoyable Resident Evil games in the history of the Resident Evil franchise.  It changed the way action games were played by introducing the proper way to do a 3rd person shooter.  It also is just flat out fun and entertaining. It only lacks in what every Resident Evil game lacks, the story.

2. Resident Evil 2 (PS1, PSN, PC, N64, GameCube, DreamCast)

Resident Evil 2

This was a huge smash for the Sony PlayStation 1. It had that dark environment and a bunch of zombies running around wanting to bite your head off.  The backgrounds looked amazing and the controls for it’s time handled pretty well.  When I was a kid this was heart stopping insanely crazy.  It’s the true horror experience and even had different stores per disc; per character.

3. Resident Evil Zero (GameCube, Wii)

Resident Evil 0

An often overlooked installment of the Resident Evil series.  This is probably because of it only being on the GameCube and Wii. But it does do some wickedly cool things.  I remember it introduced the ability to move two characters at once.   This is why it stayed on the Wii and GameCube I believe.  It had great graphics, a great story, a great everything.  If you never played it, you should. It’s worth every cent.

4. Resident Evil (PS1, PSN, GameCube, Wii, Sega, DS, PC)

Resident Evil 1

The Wii and GameCube version are superior. But this is the one that started it all and turned Resident Evil into the huge ass franchise it is today.  How many game franchises are able to have a Top 10? Exactly. It’s the root the franchise and since then it has been very blown out of proportion with retro gamers.  It’s still a great game even today but your imagination is what made it so crazy.

5.  Resident Evil Code Veronica (PS3, PS2, PSN, Xbox360, XBL, DreamCast, GameCube)

Resident Evil Code Veronica

My first visit with this game was on the Sony PlayStation 2.  It sticks to it’s old roots of it’s tank controls and was actually a pretty good game.  Steve is annoying as shit. But other than that, it’s definitely a great game to have picked up and played. I remember the villain of the game was a little fruity and strange. Wesker’s appearance was some of the high points of this game.

6. Resident Evil 5 (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

Resident Evil 5

This is where the series started to get away from what made it so good in the first place.  For some reason they stayed down this path so far and I haven’t really liked it.  However it is still Resident Evil and it still plays like it.  It has nice graphics and it can hold your attention. But the partnership thing gets annoying very quickly and it just kind pisses you off.

7. Resident Evil 6 (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

Resident Evil 6

They changed the formula of Resident Evil freeing up the gun play and even changing the camera around.  They patched the bad camera or at least attempted too.  What makes this one strange is they have 4 game campaigns in this (Chris, Jake, Leon, Ada).  If you stick with the Leon campaign is plays just like the old Resident Evil’s with its atmosphere and zombies. But it was still a pretty disappointing game.

8. Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles (Wii, PS3, PSN)

Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

This is a rail shooter that touches on some the old classics such as Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil Code Veronica.  Not much to stay, fun rail shooter though with a hint of nostalgic scenes.

9.  Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (Wii, PS3, PSN)

Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles

This is a rail Shooter that touches on Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. Not much to stay, fun rail shooter though with a hint of nostalgic scenes, but not as much fun as the Darkside Chronicles.

10. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (PS1, PSN, PC, DreamCast, GameCube, XBL)

Resident Evil 3 nemesis

They tried to change up some of the mechanics of supply and inventory management.  But that just came off as hard to navigate, tiresome to manage, and just all around confusing.  It gave you choices if you wanted to fight the Nemesis or not. Often choosing the wrong one resulting in your death which made you replay everything again and again. But its a old classic..barely squeezing into place at number 10.

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